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About Us

Why Choose Us

Swilla Schools is one among the best performing schools regionally and national-wide, since it's inception in 1999 to date the school has remained constantly at the top in the district, Region and among the best performing school country wide. With over 21 year's experience in academic excellence, the school's secret in satisfactory performance lies on the founder's intelligence, commitment and dedication with a strong passion for nurturing Tanzania children.
The School geographically is located in Mbeya - Tanzania, in the outskirts of Mbalizi Town off Mbeya - Tunduma road,it's headquartered in the school's administrative premises and is a duly registered institution in accordance to the laws of Tanzania, managed by the board of trustees and the school board that ensures proper management and operational competence.
Swilla Schools are religious schools with Christianity background, though does not contextually discriminate any child or person based on one's religious affiliation.Consecutively, the chidren are nurtured through fear of God the almighty as the foundation and the base of humanity and livelihood.
Swilla Schools has Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and High School with sufficiently enough classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Scientific Laboratories, fleet of school bus for day scholars and a health facility to cater for the Swilla Schools healthy environment and livelihood.

Our Mission

The school is committed and embarks on the provision of excellent education that enables proper thinking and reasoning, increasing effectiness and efficiency of children for an excellent performance of their daily lives nurturing a smooth human co-existence.

Our Vision

Swilla Schools envisions a world where people have increased intelligence,leading a dignified and improved livelihood, enhancing smooth societal and human coexistence with a good natural and spiritual wellbeing.

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